From the Founder ...

Established with the responsibility of contributing to "raising good people" from near to far environment Ankara Öncü College's educational purpose is based on the sense of compassion. In other words, all our educational practices are based on compassion. It should be explained here that we understand and use the concept of "mercy" in terms of fullfilling or can be fullfilled all emotional, physical or mental needs of the student in terms of educational processes.

The key topic in our educational understanding and practices is "Close Follow-up of the Student". Ankara Öncü College, which started its education and training life in 1993, has been given the language; "Each student is our only student," which is expressed as a motto for the owner, a promise and to all students and their parents. The sentence has actually been manifested as a "truth" beyond an advertisement and promotional sentence thanks to the compliance with the principles and principles mentioned above for all the years that have passed.

Oncu College administrators and teachers are regarded as competent for their students and not getting students to need other pursuits and reinforcements in their education process as a matter of dignity and dignity as a teacher. As a matter of fact, since 1993-1994 academic year (in a way to be imitated by other institutions in the following years), none of the students were obliged and obliged to pursue such as private courses or private lessons; Preparing the necessary educational environment for the student to meet all academic or artistic needs of the student at the school has been the distinctive feature of Öncü College.

The teacher of Öncü College asks "Why I couldn’t teach / Why I couldn’t get my student to learn? before the question "Why my students didn’t learn?". In order to find the answer to this question, he constantly renews himself/herself, never gives up decreasing his/her search. He/She knows that a teacher who renews himself/herself can only get the students to renew and improve.

Oncu College's teachers patiently handle their students; never give up, never give up ... (It should be known that the literal meaning of …. word patience in Öncü is "persistence".) However, while doing this, the teacher never ignores the principle that education should be a process that liberates both the teacher and the student. The teacher knows and acknowledges that "the knowledge and consciousness of the truth" inevitably liberates man. The most important manifestation of human liberation is the freedom of will. The freedom of the person who cannot choose and cannot be in the decision process cannot be mentioned. Moreover, trying to put the student, who will live in the world of tomorrow, firmly into today's patterns will be the biggest mistake that can be done.

Another of the main characteristics of Öncü College’s understanding of education is its sensitivity to protect its students from harmful ones. We believe that the priority of planning and doing what is good for the student is to try to keep everything harmful in terms of mental, emotional and physical aspects from the student. Therefore, according to our belief, every application related to education and training should be filtered through this filter at first The emotional / mental / physical security of the student should be seen as a priority and important than anything else.

As a result, and summary, educational requirements are prioritized in all decisions and practices of Öncü College, and expectations other than these are considered as long as they comply with the requirements of education.