School Safety Policy

School Safety Policy

School safety means that students, teachers and other staff feel free physically, psychologically and emotionally. In other words, it is to provide a suitable environment for learning at school.

If the necessary work is not done and precautions are not taken, the school cannot become a safe environment by itself. For this reason, in order to provide a safe school environment:

1) School security measures are started when the student has taken from his/her home (in the school bus). Student is under full control in the bus. Likewise, the bus and its driver carrying the student are closely monitored and controlled using all the facilities provided by technology.

2) Studies are carried out to reveal the full commitment of students and school staff to the general objectives of education. Efforts are made to ensure belief in social and moral norms.

3) School safety efforts will be ineffective in places where a positive school climate is not provided. For this reason, studies that reveal the talents of students, give them the opportunity and opportunity to develop them, prioritize all stakeholders in the school to take responsibility, and create environments where supportive and friendly relations are in place are essential.

4) Safe family and safe social environments that support a safe school environment. For this reason, concrete, observable and traceable studies are carried out to ensure that students live in a safe family environment and safe social environments.

5) Such as student failure, taking inconsistent and punitive methods as the basis, inconsistent and punitive administrative and teacher behaviors, lack of sensitivity to rules and frequently ignoring wrong behaviors, not being able to individualize educational studies, not being able to convince students of the legitimacy of the rules ... Necessary precautions are taken to prevent these situations that threaten the security of the school.


Whether or not students and other staff use mobile phones within the boundaries of the school garden and building also plays an important role in our school safety policy. Misuse of mobile phones, which offer us very important opportunities as a communication tool, can have extremely harmful consequences.


1. Teachers and auxiliary services staff cannot use their mobile phones when and around students.

2. Students cannot bring their mobile phones to the school - because it is easily to come and go by the school bus and to reach the student through the school bus staff. Students who have to bring their mobile phones to the school for any reason are obliged to hand over their mobile phones to the place indicated by the school administration and to the relevant officer, closed to receive them at the end of the school. It is forbidden for any student to have a mobile phone in the classroom and therefore to use it.

3. The phone of the student who violates the prohibition of having mobile phones in the classroom and in the school building will be seized by the school administration (to be returned at the end of the term) for one week in the first violation, two weeks in the second violation and during the term in third violation . In order for the parents of the student to support this sanction to be applied in case of violation of the rules, the parents' acceptance and signature is obtained with the written agreement made at the beginning of the academic year (or during the registration of the student).

4. No student is allowed to access the wi-fi connection within the school boundaries. In other words, it is forbidden for the student to obtain the password in any way and connect to the wireless network connection. The mobile phone of the student who is found to have violated this ban is confiscated for a week.

5. Within the boundaries of the school and classroom, the mobile phone can only be used by the student during smart board applications, under the control of the teacher and as a course tool. Uses other than this purposes are not allowed.

6. A student's mobile phone number is not allowed to be learned by anyone expect those are permitted by the parent of the student.

7. Meetings are held with parents every year at the beginning of the academic year to inform them about the use of mobile phones.

8. At the teachers' general assembly, which is held three times in a year (at the beginning, middle and end of term), discussions are held with teachers about school safety and therefore mobile phone policy.


1. No photographs or videos can be taken within the boundaries of the school and schoolyards by officers other than those assigned by the school administration and at times other than the activities and programs that parents of students want to know. This prohibition is the same if a student wants to take photographs and videos of another student.

2. The photographs and videos taken by the officers can only be published on the official website and on the social media accounts, upon the request and written approval of the parents of the relevant student. Photos and videos about the student of the parent who does not give for the student are not published.

3. Precautions are taken to ensure that students who are not broadcasting photographs and videos by their parents do not feel psychological pressure during the shooting.

4. Students' personal information is never included in the pictures and videos published by school officials.